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Responsive Image Gallery & Slider… In One!

I recently came across a website that had a really interesting image gallery on its home page, the main banner area consisted of a 3 by 2 grid of boxes that changed to a standard, letterbox shaped image gallery on resizing the browser window. I thought this was a great idea and a great use of responsive design to take advantage of the space available – as well as generally just looking and being rather cool.


Latest Work And Goings On

I’m getting really bad at posting lately which is frustrating when there has actually been quite a lot going on. I have now been working at ClickThrough Marketing for around 5 months and have recently worked on a few interesting projects as well as the brand new company website that wen live yesterday and can […]



Just a quick post to share a really useful tool for testing responsive websites or for just seeing what a website look like on different mobile devices in general, responsinator.com. The tool gives an indication of what a site might look like on an iPhone, iPad, a Kindle and a few more too. Give it […]

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